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What Our GRE

Students Are Saying


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Student Success Stories

Mr Ray was invaluable for this exam. He helped build math skills i had not used in 8 years. Im very grateful to him!!!

Quant: I benefitted most from the mental math tips and tricks. I work with numbers all day in Private Equity and had never heard of these helpful hacks. Super.

Verbal: Working through nearly all of the verbal question pool helped me immensely. I included a running list of all unfamiliar vocab words I encountered, and drilled them daily. I also liked the strategy videos for sentence completion.

Natasya Prameswari

The University of Melbourne

What Our Students Are Saying

Mr Wayne structured my studying and I felt accountable to the schedule. He provided the actual content and concepts for the Quantitative section that I did not see in other prep materials. I wish I had done better in Quant, but wasn’t expecting above 159 or 160 at best, and was thrilled with my Verbal Score.

Maria Patricia Gautama

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

London Business School

Mr Ray’s Quant lessons educated me on a lot of different strategies and ‘tricks’ that I could use to simplify seemingly tough problems on the GRE. Also loved the fact that the solutions to problems are explained personally.

The variety of question types that he exposed me to was beneficial in helping me prepare for the exam.

Sylvia Agustine

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

University of Chicago

Ms Amanda has questions that were nearly identical to the actual GRE. The large question bank of Math questions combined with the tips and tricks on how to tackle the questions made Math a breeze!

Nadia Ilyana

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 165


Ms Claudia helped me know what was important to study and what wasn’t. She gave me the confidence I needed to get my desired score! I was so nervous, but she made me feel empowered and even excited to learn!

Gea Anggitashastri B.

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 169

ETH Zurich

I followed the one-month plan, and was happy to do small pieces of prep each day. While I couldn’t keep up the pace with a full-time job (as the guide warned me), I still believe Ms Claudia helped me a lot. I learned general strategies (number sense, not looking at the verbal answers without my own answer), a sense for timing, and most importantly, I always had a plan to follow so I couldn’t second-guess myself.

Raisa Utami Jaya

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

Imperial College London

Mr Ray helped me recognize key patterns in the test questions, that gave me shortcuts to answers or helped me make confident choices. Time management was significantly easier due to him familiarizing me with the test before the exam, and I was able to confidently navigate the exam focusing on what was most important: the content of the exam.

Jeumpa Fathya Kinanti K.

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 168

Lancaster University Management School

Avana is perfect for learners who want to receive full attention from the teacher. The detailed reviews you get after every practice session help you strengthen your strong points and identify your weak points. I enjoyed studying for the GRE because of Ms Amanda’s useful tips and simple strategy!

Kenny Jonathan

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 166

Harvard University

The Verbal lectures provided by Mr Ray did a great job, as they offered solid strategies for grasping the meaning of the incredibly dense passages that the GRE likes to give. His vocabulary analogical explanations were also humorous, entertaining and super helpful for legitimately learning the raft of unfamiliar vocabulary. Considering that I spent a little over a month studying, I am beyond satisfied with Avana and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective and quality way to prepare for the GRE. THANK YOU MR RAY!!

Fenia Febiani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

University of Cambridge

Went for the lessons here to cover the fundamentals of math and can’t say enough about how helpful my teacher, Ms Claudia was. I think there was some gaps in my foundational math skills and these she were incredibly helpful.

Would be happy to recommend this to anyone, and I’m positive if I had another month to study my score would’ve been even higher.

Meireska P

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

Stanford University

My teacher, Ms Claudia would respond to a question I had about a problem in minutes. Their study buddy feature is also a fantastic resource to take advantage of. I did a couple of gre prep books/programs before coming here, but I continued to struggle with concepts that were immediately elucidated with a explantation. I do not doubt that it was really my teachers that enabled me to get such a fantastic score. Truly, can’t say enough good things about this company.

Stella Christanti

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 165

University of Oxford

Ms Jennifer adapted to my learning needs and gave me a realistic interface to work with to prepare for the GRE. It was also good for someone like me who only had three weeks to prepare for the exam!

Natania Saputra

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 169

Zhejiang University

Ms Claudia helped with AWA and provided some nice structure to think about the verbal sections, instrumental in getting my scores from low to sky-high. She also helped me to develop a more focused study plan and feel like I had a pathway. It also helped me to understand math problems in multiple ways, to actually understand the logic.

Ayu Sekarmelati Rahendriani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 168

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


Student Success Stories

Avana has empowered over 8,000 people around Indonesia, helping them develop the skills they need to boost their academics and careers.


Hello !

We Hope You Could Come To Our FREE Weekly Informational Seminars On Saturdays


Let Us Know If You’d Like To Try Our FREE Score Prediction Tests On The Weekends.

Mr Ray helped me identify areas for growth and offered study materials focused

around those specific topics. I liked the feature of giving quizzes after math sections

so I could decide whether I felt ready to move on or if I wanted to keep reviewing that

topic. The practice GRE test I took also predicted my scores pretty well: I received the

same Quant score on the real GRE, and I was able to bring my Verbal score up a few

points because I went through all the words on their Vocabulary Builder app.


Louise E.

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 168

The University of Sydney


Sharon Widjaja

GRE Score: V 167 / Q 169

Peking University

Mieke Christiani

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 166

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Trixie Dominique

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 167

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


GRE Score: V 164 / Q 169

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Wesley Yando Tantra

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

Fudan University

Anita Livia Wiguna

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

Northwestern University

Zefanya Antoinette

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 166

The University of Manchester

Eirene Lasut

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

The Kellogg School of Management

Ristauli Oktavia Haloho

GRE Score: V 164 / Q 167

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

Steven Fauduly

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 169

University of Toronto

Nacia Andriana

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

Johns Hopkins University


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