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Join BrainStation’s online digital skills courses from Los Angeles and connect with
the city’s top employers.

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BrainStation online bootcamps are immersive, 400-hour, project-
based learning experiences, designed to transform your skillset and
launch your career in tech. Throughout the bootcamp, our Career Accelerator Program will provide career support and guidance and
help connect you with top employers in Los Angeles.


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Online Data Science Bootcamp

This intensive Data Science program is designed to help launch students’ careers in data.

Online User Experience Design Bootcamp

This immersive course introduces the skills and concepts required to become a User Experience Designer.

Online Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Our Digital Marketing course prepares you for a new career through hands-on experience with proven techniques.

Online Web Development Bootcamp

This program provides you with the skills and concepts required to build modern web applications.

Explore Our Online Certificate Courses

BrainStation online certificate courses are designed to help you pick up a new skill or dive deeper into a specific topic. Courses include 15-30 hours of class time led by industry leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. At the end of the course, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate.


Data Analytics Course
Data Science Course
Cybersecurity Course
Python Course


User Experience Design Course
User Interface Design Course
Design Thinking Course


Web Development Course


Social Media Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course
Search Engine Marketing Course


Product Management Course


Digital Leadership & Innovation Course



Many Indonesians from the upper socioeconomic class regret studying in USA, Australia and UK because of the exorbitant amount of money they spend.

Even The Americans and British Are Fleeing to Germany and France to Avoid Paying the Huge University Tuition Fees.



Weekends Sacrificed


Satisfied Students



Every Studiva student is required to show mastery of the material and
have a high live class attendance
to graduate. And there’s no such
thing as just squeaking by.

A new school of thought

We wish for our students to understand every step of studying in overseas.
Students will be guided by experienced tutors and academicians to help manage their studies.

“Study Or Work Without Agent” program?

In essence, students will be guided on document preparation, document translation, registration for Studienkolleg, Universities, departmental consultations, departure guides, information on the education system, culture outside Indonesia and much more.

Learn more about hiring Lambda grads. No hiring fees.

Connect With Our 6,500+ Hiring Partners

BrainStation’s coding bootcamps students benefit from an industry-leading network of hiring partners, featuring over 6,500
innovative partners looking to hire emerging talent.

Kata Alumni kami tentang program ini

Cerita para Alumni yang telah meraih karier baru mereka

Muhammad Ikram
Alumni Job Connector
Data Science & Machine Learning
Alya Putri
Alumni Job Connector
Web & Mobile Development
Bella Rose
Alumni Job Connector
Digital Marketing
Nia Mariana
Alumni Job Connector
UI/UX Design


Sudah siap meraih karier barumu

bersama kami?



B.A., University of Cambridge


B.A., Yale University
M.Sc., University College London (UCL)


AB Government, Harvard University


B.A., B.Sc, M.A &
M.Sc, University of Pennsylvania


BA in Law, University of Cambridge
LLM, Columbia University


B.A., Yale University


B.A., B.Sc, M.A &
B.Sc. (Hons), Yale – NUS College


B.A., Yale University


BEng, University College London (UCL)
M.S., Stanford University

Student Success Stories

One of the difficulties that I had when I was studying web development on my own was that even though I could grasp the material and understand the concepts in an abstract format, I didn’t always understand how it could be applied in real life. Getting the opportunity to learn from the Head Instructor for my course was really eye-opening for me.

Daniel Castro

One of the difficulties that I had when I was studying web development on my own was that even though I could grasp the material and understand the concepts in an abstract format, I didn’t always understand how it could be applied in real life. Getting the opportunity to learn from the Head Instructor for my course was really eye-opening for me.

Daniel Castro

What recruiters love 

about our alumni

Jérémy joined the backend team in October 2017 for a mission to enhance our B2B product. He is keen to understand the way our business works and contributes to offer new capabilities and services which sits on top of our booking flow. His skill set allows him to develop full stack features from the business logic to the web pages.

Lionel Ducourant

Senior Product Owner at Trainline


Community Insights

Siddarth Srikanth

I’ve attended classes for GMAT at TC
Global and it’s by far, one of the best
organisations available in the market.
Flexible timings are possible depending
upon the convenience of students. Both
quant and verbal faculty are highly
adept at their respective subjects and
they try to make the classes as
interesting as possible. I would strongly
recommend it to anyone who is
planning to give the GMAT
examination.- Siddarth Srikanth

Sakshee Sharma

I was referred to The Chopras Group by
a friend after struggling to find the right
program and university for my future.
Ever since my first visit, I have been
looked after, listened to and been
provided holistic insight helping me
arrive at the right set of decisions for
my future. Sakshee Sharma

Divya Singh

The Chopras Group have been a great
partner to help verify and validate my
direction, we all need guidance every
now and then and I’ve been fortunate
to have them available as my partner
for the future. Divya Singh

Industry-Leading Tech & Coding Bootcamps


BrainStation coding bootcamps are 400-hour, project-based programs that have helped thousands of bootcamp students launch new careers in the
tech industry. Gain in-demand technical skills with full-time or part-time bootcamps:

Web Development Bootcamp

UX Design Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Part-Time Certificate Courses


Available online or in-person, BrainStation’s certificate courses include 15 to 30 hours of class time with cutting-edge curriculum and Instructors
from the world’s most innovative companies.

Learn Online or On-Campus


Take an online coding bootcamp or learn in-person at one of our state-of-the-art campuses, which are designed to provide dynamic, accelerated
learning experiences.


BrainStation’s Online campus delivers our industry-
leading curriculum and hands-on, practical learning from anywhere. Join students from over 100 countries who have received bootcamp training with BrainStation Online.


Professionals Trained


Destination Guides


Study in Germany

Validated by Our World-Class Standards Boards

We work with leaders at global companies to develop clear, unbiased standards that define and validate skill sets in the fields of digital marketing and data science.

Connect With 6,500+ Hiring Partners

Digital Transformation for



Since 2012, BrainStation has worked with some of the
largest organizations in the world, providing flexible,
hands-on corporate training to prepare and empower
teams for their digital transformation.

Our Hiring Partners

Codeva has partnered with the most innovative organizations and industry leaders in the world to define digital skills training for the future of work. This network of partnerships connects graduates across Jakarta with cutting-edge companies looking to hire top emerging digital talent.

BrainStation News

BrainStation Acquires

Wyncode Academy

BrainStation has acquired the Miami-based Wyncode Academy, the leading coding and user experience (UX) design bootcamp in the state of Florida.

BrainStation Launches Digital

Leadership and

Innovation Course

BrainStation has acquired the Miami-based Wyncode Academy, the leading coding and user experience (UX) design bootcamp in the state of Florida.

BrainStation Launches Part-

Time Bootcamps in

Development and UX Design

BrainStation is now offering its Web Development Bootcamp and User Experience (UX) Design bootcamp in a new part-time format, allowing students to attend the programs over approximately 8 months.

Tap into our network

Connect to our hiring


Once you have completed the curriculum and become endorsed by Codeva, you’ll get access to our nationwide network of partners looking to hire alumni.

Meet with a local mentor

You’ll be paired up with a mentor who is working in the same field and will provide additional support during your job search, tailored to your needs.

Learn from experts

We host regular brown bag presentations with a range of professional guests who can provide additional insight into more niche areas of their field.



The General Room

111, #07-07, Somerset Road
TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

Opening Hours:

10:00am – 7:30pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)


Phone Number

(+65) 6822 1229


(+65) 9749 6242

Email address


Take This Machine Learning Course On-Campus

You can take this Machine Learning Course at one of our beautiful campuses or online in the comfort of your own home or office.


Still have questions? Check our our frequently asked questions or contact our support team.

Articles Section

India and Germany form bilateral partnership

to facilitate two-wa…

India and Germany will soon sign a migration and mobility agreement, facilitating the two-way movement of students, professionals and researchers, and also addressing the challenges of

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Study in Germany…

Germany is the most popular study destination, due to its tuition-free university education. There are a total of 426 higher education universities in Germany, including 106 universities, 216 universities of applied

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It is home to some of the world’s most prestigious academic universities. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), six of the top 100 universities were German. Let’s look at why you

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The best part about Codeva was the Outcomes team. The Outcomes program is superb. Within
a couple weeks I had two job offers, and the third of which I accepted the next week.


Jesson Mulyana, Web Development Immersive graduate

From stay-at-home mum, to technical programmes manager, to software engineer at LinkedIn.

Robin Tantri

“Codeva gave me the foundational knowledge and confidence to pursue my career goals. With caring teachers, a supportive community, and up-to-date, challenging curriculum, I felt prepared and motivated to build and improve tech for the next generation!”

“Getting exposure and time with our instructor and classmates meant we could get to know other industries and how they approach marketing problems. This course gave me the confidence in my decision to move into marketing.”

Digital Marketing Manager, The Iconic
Kiki Setiaji, Codeva Graduate

“It’s amazing to see the level of work that the students can

produce by the end of the program. The need for digital talent is

huge these days and BrainStation is in a unique position to create

that talent and provide that to the industry.”


Vadim Tslaf

Senior UX Lead at Shopify

Get Involved

As a Hiring Partner, you will have exclusive access to Studiva’s academic program graduates through events like Demo Day, Studiva’s graduate project showcase.

Recruit Studiva’s graduates through a number of networking opportunities including Demo Day, tech tours, mock interviews and power hours.

Demo Day

Designed to connect graduates with cutting-edge companies, Demo Day is an opportunity for our full-time students to demo their final projects to hiring partners.

Tech Tours

Tech Tours give your organization the opportunity to present your company culture and values to a captive audience of talent, providing insight into what you look for in an ideal candidate.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews give your organization the chance to conduct a technical interview with students, allowing you to connect with candidates as they prepare for the job search and interview process.

Power Hours

Power hours are an intimate networking opportunity that enable your organization to identify high-potential candidates even before they complete the diploma program.

Holistic Teaching

Virtu courses take advantage of our many years of experience preparing students from a wide variety of backgrounds to excel on the test. We’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the test prep techniques that have been shown to work, and packaged them together into a course that maximizes efficiency of effort on the part of our students.


We’re familiar with the most current modes of thought on teaching and learning the material associated with the test. We’ve also kept the best strategies from earlier versions of the test, which has been revised a number of times in recent years. The result is the perfect marriage of cutting-edge didactic methods and time-honored pedagogical tradition.

Our Promise

Virtu German prep classes give our students a firm understanding of how the test itself is designed, how to approach each section, and how to make the most of study time, which produces outstanding results within a reasonable amount of time and effort.


Run a more profitable


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Discuss tuition, payment plans, and scholarships.


Figure out which course or bootcamp is right for your
learning and career goals.

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Germany and France FOR FREE!


Hello !

We Hope You Could Come To Our FREE Weekly Informational Seminars On Saturdays


Let Us Know If You’d Like To Try Our FREE Score Prediction Tests On The Weekends.

What You’ll Learn

Basic Methodology

Understand what machine learning is and learn about the various industry methods and terminology.

Problem Solving Methods

Gain confidence with supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, clustering methods, and learn about neural networks, one of the most popular methods in the industry.

Machine Learning Process

Learn how to prepare your data, frame your problem, select the right model, and generate insights to support your decisions.

Best Practices

Adopt best practices for machine learning to ensure efficient and impactful work.


Professionals Trained


Industry Instructors



Enterprise Partners

Pairing Projects

Our bootcamp curriculum includes pair works to get you as close to a live environment as possible. This means you’ll collaborate at pairing stations with another student on language projects, where you will learn how to practice langauges as a team. You’ll double check one another’s work to reduce errors and learn teamwork skills needed to thrive in a professional environment.

Collaborate Through Interactive Working


Work together with fellow professionals in your class by splitting out into breakout rooms. This core part of our classroom experience allows you to get to know your classmates better and dive deeper on hands-on projects.

Hypothesis Presentation

Students will be asked to complete a project on a data set of your choosing. You’ll structure your problem, develop a hypothesis, and select the method that best suits your particular problem. Once you’ve implemented your model of choice, you’ll optimize and present your findings.


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